AR FLAGS, GUIDONS, STREAMERS, TABARDS, AND AUTOMOBILE AND AIRCRAFT PLATESCLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FROM APD. Recently. What Army Regulation governs the raising and the lowering of the Flag? AR and AR What are the two bugle calls played at Retreat?. This page will help you understand U.S. Army U.S. Flag regulations. Interesting information about U.S. Flag.

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Table Flags and plates authorized for positions or individuals. Army flag Regulatikn of the United States x x. Assistant Secretaries of Defense x x. Department of Defense Inspector General x x. Department of Defense General Counsel x x. Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff x x. These additional allowances are discretionary and require the personal approval of the MACOM commanders.

Table Flags authorized for Army echelons and organizations. Army Medical Department Activity x. Army Reserve Command x x. Battalion, Separate, Flexible Type x. Battalions and Squadrons of Regiments x.

Army Regulations

Brigades and Battalions of Service Schools x. Defense Attache Offices x x. Field Army Support Command x. Field Operating Agencies, DA x. Hospitals and Medical Centers x. Major Army Commands AR regulatoon x. Maneuver Area and Maneuver Training Commands x x. Medical Supply, Optical and Maintenance Unit x. Military Entrance Processing Station x x. Military Police Prison of War Camps x.

Numbered TOE Commands x. Rear Area Operations Centers x. Regiment and Separate Battalion, Fixed Type x. State Area Commands x. Support Command of Division x. Recruiting Brigades and Battalions x. Training Brigades and Battalions at U.

Army Training Center x. Army Area Dental Laboratory x. Army Center x x. Army Dental Activities x. Army Field Stations x. Army Reception Battalions x. Army Reserve 8440-10 Numbered x. Army Training Center x x. United States Corps of Cadets x x.

Senior Reserve Officers Training Corps x x x. Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps x. This regulation prescribes the design, acquisition, display, and use of flags, guidons, streamers, automobile and aircraft plates, and tabards used by Department of the Army DA organizations and personnel.

This is the authority for these items and their basis of issue. The Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel has staff responsibility for heraldic activities in the Army. Flags are alike on both sides. Design elements appear on both sides on flags and guidons and show on the opposite side as if printed through the material as stated in b and c below.

When a should sleeve insignia SSI design is used on a flag, the SSI design must appear proper on both sides of the flag. Flags designed primarily for indoor and parade display will be made of banner rayon or heavyweight nylon with rayon fringe.


Those designed primarily for outdoor display will be made of nylon-wool of heavyweight nylon without fringe. Restrictions The following limitations and prohibitions are applicable to flags, guidons, streamers, and components:. See tables and for authorizations. Only items manufactured and furnished on requisitions approved by the U. BoxPhiladelphia, PAmay be displayed by Army organizations.

The designs prescribed by this regulation will not be altered except by authority of TIOH. Acceptance of denoted items. Only the Secretary of amy Army SA is authorized to accept or refuse a donation of heraldic items for use by organizations under Refulation jurisdiction. Offers will be processed according to AR Issue of partially completed flags. Army Support Activity, Philadelphia, PApending approval of the final flag design for an organization.

Unauthorized use of official flags, guidons, and streamers. There is no law that permits the sale, loan, or donation of flags, guidons, or streamers to individuals or organizations not in the military service 480-10 as indicated in 1 and 2 below.

Display or use of flags, guidons, and streamers or replicas thereof, including those presently or formerly carried by U. Army units, by other than the office, individual, or organization for which authorized, is prohibited except as indicated in 3 below.

Army rrgulation with streamers or the Army’ field flag for the use of their military students when an Army officer is detailed as professor of military science. These flags may be purchased from the Commander, U.

Sales must be for cash check or money order and purchased by the institution. Appropriated funds are not regu,ation for purchase of the U.

These flags must be manufactured from drawings and specifications furnished by TIOH and procured commercially. Requests must be submitted by the division association president or executive secretary to the Director, The Institute of Heraldry, U.

AR 840-10 Flags, Guidons, Streamers, Tabards, and Automobile and Aircraft Plates

Army, Cameron Station, Building The completed flags must be approved by TIOH prior to display. These flags must be manufactured from drawings and specifications prepared by the Institute of Heraldry and furnished to the branch proponent. Carrying Of nonmilitary organizational flags. The private use or display. The private unofficial use or display of positional colors, distinguishing flags, organizational colors.

Individual flags for retired general officers may be displayed as specified in chapter 3, section III. Unserviceable flags will not be used for banners or for any other purpose.

When a flag is no longer suitable for display, it will not be cast aside or used in any way that may be viewed as disrespectful. If not preserved as specified in chapters 2, 5, 6, and 10, it will destroyed privately, preferably by burning or by some other method that does not show irreverence or disrespect to the flag.


The flag of the United Stales is the symbol regulatino our nation. The union, white stars on a field qrmy blue, is the honor point of the flag. The unroll of the flag, and the flag itself, when in company with other flags, is always given the honor position: Not more than one flag will be displayed below the flag of the United States and, if displayed, will be approximately 6 inches below the flag rrgulation the United States.

The flag of the United States should be displayed with foreign national flags at overseas installations according to applicable international agreements. MACOM commanders regu,ation authorize permanent or semipermanent more than one week at a time hour display of the flag provided the flag is properly illuminated with its own source of light during hours of darkness.

Local or installation commanders may authorize nighttime displays of the flag of the United States during special events or on special occasions, provided the flag is properly illuminated. The post flag may be flown in lieu of the garrison flag.

The garrison flag may be flown on the following holidays and special occasions:. The post flag is flown daily except when the garrison and storm flags are flown.

When a garrison flag is not available, the post flag wilt be flown on holidays and important occasions. The storm flag is flown in inclement weather. The internment flag is authorized for deceased military personnel as provided in AR and for deceased veterans Upon application to the nearest postmaster, the Veterans Administration will provide flags for deceased regulatikn.

The ensign will be displayed on vessels when required to indicate nationality. The union jack is flown on ships at anchor or tied up at pier. When flown with the flag of the United Arjy, the union jack will be amry same size as the union of the national color being flown. This flag is to be displayed with the individual automobile flag of the President of the United States. This flag is to be displayed on automobiles of individuals listed in table National flags listed below are for indoor display and for use in ceremonies and parades.

It will regulayion the same size or larger than other flags displayed or carried at the same time. This size flag will be displayed with the U.